Mother & Daughter, Happy after parent coaching



Parent coaching is similar to life coaching. I dig deep to encourage, hold you accountable and help you with a specific problem. I don't meet with your children, however parent coaching will benefit both parents and children alike.

I focus on merging the Mad to Glad Blueprint with Montessori principles to give you concrete tools to lead a happier, more peaceful life. So, if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, learn new parenting skills and have more peace in your home, get in touch today.


These one-on-one (or one-on-two) sessions start out with an Intense Brain Child assessment to figure out exactly where to start for your family. From there, you will watch the Mad to Glad Blueprint and meet with me via bi-weekly (every other week) Zoom calls to make a game plan.


As a reminder, I will gift you the Mad to Glad Blueprint with the purchase of a coaching package!

Our one-on-one coaching session starts with a 45-minute session to discuss your needs. The $100 fee for that session will be applied to the $1500 package price. 

Working with Summer has been an exceptionally powerful and uplifting experience. She has this perfect combination of experience and intuition that allows her to see into and guide people in ways no other person can. She always knows exactly what tool you need to develop and will help you attain your goals in ways that work for YOU. She can see your strengths, no matter how hidden, and pull them out of you in meaningful ways. I met Summer at a time in my life where I was afraid to share ideas, scared of success, and unable to see any value in the poorly-polished skills I had. A time in my life where being able to settle for mediocrity was my idea of a win. Somehow, Summer saw a glimmer of value in me, something I didn’t see in myself as a whole person. She allowed me to try new things and was always there to help me back up when they failed and celebrate me when they went well. She guided me to being able to learn from my mistakes, not live in them. From wallowing in insecurity over success to being able to find pride in my work. 

I can confidently say that the guidance I have received from Summer has allowed me to develop a fuller, happier life, personally and professionally.” 

Rachel R.