Your work is pulling you in every direction. A huge project is due and your best employee just gave notice. 


Your kids need you. One has just thrown up, another forgot her book report, and of course the third has a baseball game in an hour. 


Your other half has planned a romantic date night, but you are a mess; exhausted. 


As a 1st generation female CEO, I have lived and completely understand the trials and tribulations you are going through. Running a household, being the best mom, being a good partner… not to mention hearing from your mom about all of the places you have failed. 


My life’s work is to help women entrepreneurs map out their businesses and reach their fullest potential. 


My business coaching includes:

  • 3-month private 1:1 coaching with Summer

  • Roadmap of Success tailored to your individual business goals

  • Access to Summer's private cell/email 

  • Network with some of the top Business professionals in the Twin Cities

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Summer to clarify my Ideal Client Profile (ICP). I had actually done some work with this prior to our meeting. However, within minutes of working with Summer, I realized that there was some real work to be done.  


Summer helped me see what I had thought was a clear picture of what kind of client I was seeking really wasn’t clear at all. I had a picture in my mind, but I had not clarified specifically who this person would be. By guiding the session with pivotal and clarifying questions, Summer helped me write a clear ICP summary statement. With a 15-minute call, she helped me hone in on not only who I want to serve, but I am now on my way to building the business I have been dreaming of. My mindset about my abilities has shifted and I am excited to begin doing this work.

Jeanine L.