Grit & Grace Lifestyle is all about striving for success, finding balance and making the most out of this one amazing life!


If you found us, you're probably feeling a little stuck and need a partner to help get you to the next level. It could be in your business life, your parenting world or both because they intersect.

As an entrepreneurial-minded business and parenting coach, I've taken my background in Montessori Education combined with my experience creating, operating and selling a successful group of Montessori schools to offer you the support you need in business, personal endeavors and parenthood. 

Through in-person or virtual services, I'll support you in making the life changes you need to get your business and personal life back on track.


This can lead to:

Building a roadmap for success

Eliminating stress and frustration

Living the life you've been dreaming about

It's never too late to get started making positive life changes. I'm here to help guide, support and cheer you on as you take this journey to create the change you've been seeking.

You, mama, yes, you.

You, the one being pulled in more directions than ever before. You, building a business and raising a family, trying to maintain friendships, cook healthy meals, help with homework and be a good partner.

Don’t drop the ball

Don’t drop the ball

Don’t drop the ball

And you want to double down on the growth of your company or find yourself in the corner office. 

And you want to be the best parent in the whole wide world. 

Don’t drop the ball 

Don’t drop the ball

Don’t drop the ball

I know exactly what you are feeling. 

A little over ten years ago I signed a lease on a building to start my fist company in August and a month later found out I was pregnant with my first child. In the past ten years I build and sold my company into a multimillion-dollar company while growing a family of three kiddos right alongside my husband. I recently purchased my dream cabin and am living my best life. 

Now with Covid, I’m homeschooling three kids and running a successful company—Grit & Grace—is space for women to shift their mindset, launch their careers, and find success at home!

Its your turn!!!


Its your turn to grow both babies at the same time. Its your turn to shift your mindset to thrive and grow! 


Rachel R.

Working with Summer has been an exceptionally powerful and uplifting experience. She has this perfect combination of experience and intuition that allows her to see into and guide people in ways no other person can.

Jeanine L.

With a 15-minute call, she helped me hone in on not only who I want to serve but I am now on my way to building the business I have been dreaming of.

Portrait of Summer Picha, Business and Parent Coach


Hi, I'm Summer, the founder of Grit & Grace Lifestyle, a business coach and a Mad to Glad certified parent coach. My background is rooted in Montessori Education and social work as well as entrepreneurship. I owned a successful business for 10 years and am ready to put my skills to work mentoring others. As a Montessorian and life-long learner, my ultimate goal in life is to delight the child! My three fabulous children keep me on my toes with frogs, songs and art on the daily. I unwind with my amazing husband—who cooks, by the way—and with coffee, bonfires and books.

Business and parent coach working on laptop


Find balance and reignite your passion in your business life.

Happy Mother and daughter


Find balance at home so you can enjoy a stress-free parenting life.